Smart Growth – I support smart growth for Frisco. Our city is about 60% built out as we stand right now, and our officials have worked hard to make sure we have a good balance between single family home neighborhoods, apartments, business, senior living, and urban living arrangements. I support this continued path to ensure we are fully prepared for the needs of our existing and future population. Creating a diverse tax base is very important as it lowers the tax burden on homeowners. I want to ensure we continue to grow, but as we do so, we don’t leave our older neighborhoods behind. We have to update existing infrastructure – sidewalks, roads, drainage, internet – so that all residents benefit.

Alleviate Traffic – Frisco is one of the fastest growing cities in the nation, and with growth comes increase in traffic. We all have suffered through, whether commuting to work, navigating Main Street, or shopping at Stonebriar Mall. I will look at technology and innovative solutions to reduce traffic -- that include multiple solutions such as artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled traffic software, widening streets, adding turn lanes, and intelligent traffic signals. I would also explore a Frisco-focused transportation system that can move people from neighborhoods to and from major attractions without the need for individual drivers. This issue will become even more important as we add the new UNT campus. Solutions as unique as Frisco.

Public Safety – Frisco has been named one of the top 10 safest cities in the United States by SmartAsset. This is incredibly important, not only to existing residents, but to potential residents and businesses alike. I support the partnership the city and the residents have with our stellar Police and Fire Department, and creating a local training facility that will allow our public safety officers to receive extensive, local, specialized training so that they can continue to keep our city safe. I will make sure that our Police and Fire Departments maintain their high rankings by keep providing them adequate budget to meet their needs.

Arts Development – Frisco has a very robust “sports” landscape, covering football, baseball, soccer, and soon to be golf- for everyone from the youth players to adult enthusiasts, to the professional players and the spectators- but I think it is time to round out our city and create that same landscape of opportunity for the arts community, addressing the desires of both creators and patrons.

Local Control – I support local control for issues such as our city’s property tax rates. Frisco is very different from Houston, or even our closest neighbor, Plano. The residents and elected officials who live and work right here in Frisco are, I believe, the best people to assess the needs of our unique city, residents, and schools without the state interfering. Frisco’s needs and challenges are best dealt with on the most local level possible, where each of our voices has the most influence - where our vote has the most impact.

Resources – As someone who has always had a passion for helping those in need, I want to make sure that as a community, we keep striving to find ways and resources to help those who are vulnerable, or in need of assistance- whether by working with family services to address homelessness, and hunger; assessing our needs for animal protections; or evaluating our home-buying assistance programs to make sure they are benefitting enough families.